Monday, March 2, 2009

First Time Homebuyers

Hello to all my Friends, Family, and Clients.

Put on your thinking cap!!! Do you know anyone that may have:

Just gotten married……
Just had a baby…….
Just graduated from school……
Just gotten promoted……
Just gotten sick and tired of renting and paying for someone else's mortgage…….

And wants to be a homeowner!

Many of us have children, grandchildren, or know friends of our children and grandchildren that are in the age bracket of being a first time homebuyer. You may even be the one in the age bracket!! Now is the very best time to buy a first home. I am attaching a link that will explain the huge $8,000 First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit.

Prices are down, rates are low, and the spring rush for homes hasn't begun.

Copy and paste this link to learn about this tax credit for first time homebuyers.

Also, there are loans available with down payment assistance, 100% financing, and loans with rehab money built in. I have a great relationship with a lender who will help answer any borrowing questions like: How much can I afford?

Please reply with questions or names, emails, or/and phone numbers of anyone you may know who may want to take advantage of this great opportunity. I would love to help them purchase their first home. Or, you may forward this email to them and tell them to call me. Keller Williams also has a book called Your First Home that I offer to my first time home buyers. It does not matter where anyone lives – we are a national company and I am happy to answer any of their questions and will put them in touch with a great agent. Remember – a referral is the finest compliment and gift that I could ever receive from my friends and family.

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